A Round up of all the amazing concept cars and videos in one post, Carousel.

A video released to show a virtual rendition of the cars used in the upcoming game SkyTec Racing. Enjoy.


And also, these are the videos that showcase the early works of the car models before completion. Game development is still under way and there will be more to come when showcasing stage environments settings and locations.


If you’ve watched these videos, I appreciate your interest in the project.  In time , more detail and information will be released concerning this game and other products related to this title.


Introducing the character Incite for the comic Man on the Moon.  While a side character, he plays a pivotal role for the development of Atom on his quest to find meaningful answers to his purpose in finding his creator and saving the planet from total destruction.  His abilities are much like Imperial in that he can process light into energy and limited materials for his use. Yet, he has not been coded for assimilation for his surroundings as Atom has been.  Though, he has the same developmental technology as Atom under the LE-HURTS nano tech that breathes life into his existence.


character draw Incite
character draw Incite

Imperial Portrait

This is another render of Imperial to better define her facial features that will continue through out the comic pages for Man on the Moon.  I’m really looking to nail down the features for all of these characters as the story gets underway.  Hopefully, these additional drawings will add to the perception of the characters and the universe they reside in.  More to come.


Here is a break down of the images below.

A rough sketch of Imperial in Portrait
Imperial Portrait Rough Sketch
Portrait Partial
Imperial Portrait Partial
Imperial Portrait before post
Imperial Portrait before post
Imperial in Portrait
Imperial Portrait in post


Atom, a lead character in the story Man on the Moon. When the creator  (Dr. Azel)  awakened Atom, destiny was set in motion that would change the paradigm of all living things in order to build a new hope for life to continue in the galaxy.  Atom was designed to save the world but he must first process his surroundings to gain a full understanding as to what is at stake concerning the impending doom of their near by star going supernova.

Created as a being with high intellect and special abilities, Atom receives his many attributes from the LE-HURTS system created by the doctor. Light Engine – Hyper Under Response To Stimuli.  This ‘engine’ is a nano tech machine capable of achieving many attributes of all living things concerning converting energy (mainly light or converting matter into a wavelength), memory and sampling, building and repair. The end game for Atoms body is the consummation of all living things for storage and travel unto the new home somewhere in the interstellar universe.

Atom Portrait
Detail Costume Draw


Imperial, one of the three creations from the Doctor or ‘The Man on the Moon’.  She plays an important role in shaping humanity and all of reality for the survival of all sentient beings that inhabit the Doctor’s home planet.  Much like Incite, she will be a critical foe to the inhabitants on the planet in order to get them to come together and co-operate in the face of calamity.

Comic book character Imperial
Comic book character Imperial


Osmium, much like Myzer, is another well rounded machine meant to dominate all aspects of security and performance.  No corners were cut to ensure reliability when out in theater tackling hard nosed missions while facing opposing forces from all sides. To fully understand what makes Osmium what it is is also to understand what makes failed missions a non negotiable term.

Rely on Osmium to help make a name of your own when creating a portfolio of great precedence.

rendered title Osmium
Name of car Osmium
Final Edition Full Render
Osmium Final Edition
concept car for game skytec
Osmium Final Edition


Myzer, for the one who desires power and security.  This vehicle portrays to have it all.  With a solid body that can sustain high damage and still maintain great vehicular performance, this may very well be the car of your choosing.  Never a master of one trait but a well established jack of all trades.

Put your trust in a Myzer and be rewarded with success and reproducible results time and again.

rendered title Myzer
Name of car Myzer
Full Render of concept vehicle for the game SkyTec Racing
Myzer Final Edition
Full Render of concept vehicle for the game SkyTec Racing
Myzer Final Edition


Pondurant, quick nimble and highly reactive. Made for fast short missions to get in and out during highly volatile situations. If you have a job that is hit and run and needs high precision, this is the machine an occupant can use with great confidence.

A trusted name used in many covert missions when handling sensitive data off grid. Pondurant is recognized as a long standing name amongst highly regarded mission operatives.


Weisson, brutal and down to business.  This design was made to carry an occupant and or digital goods to safety when navigating hostile environments.  Defenses built into the machine is higher due to being able to receive higher hit damage and greater torque for take off.  The Weisson vehicle has proved itself to its clients for many years in being reliable under rough conditions in completing missions of all various types.

rendered title weisson
Weisson Title Rendered
Concept Car Final rendering
Weisson Concept Car Final Edition Full Render
Concept Car Rendered in blender3d
Render to Car Weisson
Weisson car color experiment
Caramel Dip in Post
Weisson Color change
Color Swap


Vale, Concept Rendering done in blender3d for the game SkyTec Racing.  The model will be used in Unity3D for the upcoming adventure game.  The Vale doesn’t have a door or entry as it is designed for AI to carry out missions in the real world when it has to go off grid to deliver digital goods.  In this case, the AI or operator assumes control via download into the car and carries out the task at hand.

Tasks that an artilect would carry out in a vehicle such as this would be the delivery of sensitive intellectual materials.  Or the retrieval of such goods.  During travel, one must evade capture, defend materials, break through obstacles and defenses, and in some cases destroy opposing forces.

Much more to come . . .

rendered title vale
Name of car Vale
Full Render for the game Skytec Racing
Vale Final Edition Full Render
Full Render for the game Skytec Racing
Vale Final Edition Full Render Side View
Post Processing render of car vale
Vale Blueberry post processing Rear View
Post Processing of the car Vale
Vale Blueberry post